Play music without theory & much training with BridgeSax
Try first innovative saxophone you can pick up and play instantly. Enjoy free improvisation with specially picked up 21 notes & intuitive design. All of the notes are ideally suited to each other, that's why you can't make a mistake.
the combination of 21 special notes allows you to play freely with no mistakes
With the team of professional musicians we've chosen 21 special notes that all sound cool played together. This unique combination of notes allows you to freely improvise and play your favourite music.
E5 Eb5 D5 B4 Bb4 A4 G4 F#4 E4 Eb4 D4 B3 Bb3 A3 G3 F#3 E3 D3 B2complete set of tones and by-tones that match each other perfectly for free improvisation.

C5 C4— additional notes that you turn on when needed. Allow to play most of popular covers.
You only need to place 4 fingers of both hands straight in one line which in super-intuitively and natural.
you play it cool from the first touch due to intuitive design
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*Early bird offer
1 Mouthpiece
2 Ligature
3 Strap
4 Case
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*Early bird offer
1 Mouthpiece
2 Ligature
3 Strap
4 Case
Get a free gear start pack
for BridgeSax
Enjoy your music in hours, not years
Just pick BridgeSax up and start playing without theory
We mean it. You only need from 2 to 10 hours to start playing cool.
It's light, durable and eye-catching
It's 3D-printed and made of composite, so it's easy to take it with you everywhere. Just 2 lbs.
You always play BridgeSax right
We've chosen special notes that all sound cool played together. Just start playing and be surprised how naturally melody flows instantly.
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Express yourself through music
With BridgeSax you can just go with the flow, express your feelings and create your own music.
Get completely new experience with BridgeSax
With family
Have fun when playing at home with your family, as EasySax is lightweight everyone can try it
When chilling with friends
Jam with friends if they play instruments or just show your new skill
At the party
Just keep it in the office and surprise everyone when playing it cool on a corporate party
Take it with you in a trip or on the holiday
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Andrew, Founder of bridgesax and rav vast drum, says
I have a dream that people could play and enjoy their own music and favourite songs effortlessly, without years of music theory and practice. And I bet you will love BridgeSax.
More than 50 000 people all over the globe trust us
Before BridgeSax we created a big series of the percussion drums called RAV Vast. More than 10 000 people all over the world already bought them. We are happy to get music enthusiasts together around the idea of the instruments that are easy-to-start yet with limitless potential.
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Easy and enjoyable start is what people love about BridgeSax
2 hours is what you need to start, and then the whole world is open to you
I have played the bass guitar for 12 years. I really wanted to try something new but was too lazy to learn. I tried BridgeSax two months ago and it's really amazing. I was able to play a beautiful melody in about 2 hours.
Iwan, engineer, bass guitarist
It's my first experience of playing musical instruments. It is so amazing when you begin to see results so fast. Definitely love it!
Bella, jazz singer
It is so cool to try something new. I was so surprised when I began to play a beautiful melody as a result of my blowing.
Ann, Content Manager, piano player
It's great to combine sax and electronic music. I can't play musical instruments professionally and didn't want to learn for so long. BridgeSax is a great solution!
Kirill, DJ
Learn more about BridgeSax
How much time is needed to learn?
You need to practice for 2-10 hours to play your first full melody like a PRO. The point is you can start very easily but then play more professionally each time.
Should I be a saxophone player to play BridgeSax?
No, you don't need to be a saxophone player, you don't need to have studied music or know the notes. It's intuitive and easy to learn.
What is the difference between BridgeSax and a regular saxophone?
BridgeSax uses a pentatonic scale. You may play by intuition, it's not necessary to know any musical theory. BridgeSax has fewer notes than a regular one. All of them are ideally suited to each other. That's why you can't make a mistake.
What style may I play with BridgeSax? What's the tuning? What melodies can be played on this scale? How many of them?
The secret is it contains only blues notes, everything you can play is blues. Whatever you press you'll play blues: it's played in only G major and E minor keys, which means any note you play will be in tune.
You also an additional C note that makes a scale universal and allows you to play almost all popular melodies.
This scale is one of the most popular. It's perfectly suitable for both making covers and improvising.
Is BridgeSax suitable for both adults and children?
It's light – about 1 kg. It may help instil a love of music in kids.
What is it made of? Is it durable? What are the dimensions?
BridgeSax is made of durable composite, all mechanics are made of metal. This is a real saxophone, it does not have any electronics. It is reliable and stylish, it does not crumble and does not break, in contrast to ordinary saxophones.

The weight is around 1 kg, and the size is 70*30 sm. So it's easy to take it with you anywhere.
Price and shipping
How much does it cost? Can I buy it now?
The price is $249. You can now get a free shipping offer for the Sax from the next batch. Just ask for it in chat. The number of offers is limited.
Is the shipping worldwide? How much does it cost?
Yes, the shipping is worldwide.
The usual shipping price is $30 for Europe, $25 for USA, $35 for the rest of the world.
How long will I have to wait for delivery?
In 2020 we're going to start shipping. We'll ship all over the world.
Who will pay the taxes?
Taxes are paid by the customer if necessary in your country.
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